Out of the box

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The other day i got the fortunate opportunity to meet the ‘real citizens’ of India and was genuinely pulled down to the ground and into some thinking.
We all are so lost into our own world that hardly does it occur to us that ours is not the only world that exists.

With the advent of all the technological advancements animating around us, we get the notion of a successful 21st century India. But do you know that there still exists villages where people haven’t got electricity since the last 300 hundread years….where purdah system is followed as a mark of rightful tradition..

They are the farmers, the ground workers, who fill our stomachs. They deserve our attention too. Not just of diplomatic, power hungry politicians. The aam aadmi is not only the middle class, office going guy, but also the 80 year old village lady whose fighting for her pension.

We need to talk to them. Not from the podium, but sitting among them on the ground. Only when the comfort levels are met, the trust will build up, a change in everyone’s attitude will be witnessed. I made attempt and believe me, it felt wonderful. Its their love you get, their respect and good wishes. As for yourself, its then that you truly make achievement out of your own life.

Small efforts lead to big satisfaction. May be someday some change too might follow and we start thinking out of the system and out of the box…



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When you choose to let go and experience the joy. That is the time to make a loud cry.
To the ones you love.
To the ones you cherish.
Just open your heart and smile…

The search within

November 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

A light is born.
The candle ignites.
A smile spreads.
The moon glows.
The baby chuckles.

Friends meet.
Family nurtures.
Love is born.

The light struggles.
The candle flickers.
The clouds come.
It rains tears.
Heart breaks.
Feelings hurt.

Courage is persistent.
An inspiration triggers it.
A breathtaking scene.
Awestruck witnesses.
An angle is discovered.
Midst all the ruffle.
Success is painted..

( When we were little children, everyone used to keep asking us this one question all the time. “Beta, what do you wish to become once you grow up?” and innocent as we were back then from all the intricacies of its answer, we always had a sweet and simple answer ready. But then as keep growing older, our answer gets molded according to the ‘realities’ of the world around us.

Do we actually discover ourselves? Do we manage to adhere to our ‘inner calling’ as they call it? I have heard that people often have their self discovery at a very latter stage in their lives. Sometimes at times when either life could’nt have been perfect for them or worse phrase of their existence. Suddenly that one moment is there when you know exactly what you gotta do with yourself. But when that moment delays, it comes at a time when its too late to look back, to amend.

So, with many of us, this eureka moment fails to take place when we need it the most. When the so called turning point comes in our life,  we are just clueless about what to do. The junction where our one decision is going to dictate the rest of your life, seems to be the ‘be all and the end all’.

This is exactly what I, and am sure many of my counterparts,were experiencing when the terror of college admissions was on our muddled heads. Some get it easy and some, through the hard way. But we have to admit that we are lucky enough to find ourselves at least somewhere by the end of it. But should the misery end here? Or does it? Is getting a decent college admission, or job our ultimate motive?

If Steve Jobs, Shakespeare, Ambani, wouldn’t have faced difficulty finishing their formal education, I wonder how things would be today?  All our lives the search should be on and that is what helps us grow. We learn through the mistakes. The tough times make our success. Whether you like it or not. The fact is that perfection is boring. We need challenges to keep us going. If everything carries on happily ever after, then there will be no space for anything better. You gotta push yourself out of your comfort pack once in a while, only to get a better package altogether! Life is good, but it can always be better!!

The dead need

November 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am not scared of dying, or of losing anything. Life is to be lived.
Am not afraid of the inevitable end, but the inevitable similarity.

Its the monotony of life that haunts me.. The living of the same day, everyday.
Its the mechanical act that bothers.
The infinite routine, that destroys.

You walk a thousand miles, and find yourself standing at the same place everyday.
You know that money counts the most and to get it all, you keep walking and walking the same place.


The illness of greed is death. The paycheck slave, a zombi.
Its the living death that is death and the killing of everyday, our end.

( This particular thought was inspired by the act of suburb dwellers in any metro city. Where in, everyday, they take those same routes and trains that lead to same places. The only motivating factor they have is their need for money to carry on with their negligible life.

I found this act very emotionless. Obviously back home, each one of them must be leading different lives. But on the stations, its as if they all wear the same mask. They all are one.

Yet each is on by himself. Fighting against the same problem, not together. But alone. Even in the crowd they are all alone, following their daily routine. Going from home to work to back home.

And I don’t think anything can be changed, until truly desired. But again who will go against the law? This are how things have been going. This is how it is meant to be. This the only right, ideal way to live in a society. To go on minding your own business. Go on living the life we have got. Who thinks about the reason behind these acts? Right? )

What do you think? If given a chance, can you possibly dare to be different? Can you initiate to help change the mentality in any way??

The Departure

November 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have never heard him walk so slow. The noise of his steps grow. Strange fits of passion have I known that rush back to my memory. He’s never been so hesitant before my front door. I wonder what the matter could be? We haven’t met since months 3!
I wonder about the absence of joy and scan through the possibilities.
The door cracks open and I see his lovely face.

But it melts my heart to see the winter dry. The teary eyes as the departure is declared. He is going away, far away. Into the world which gives him way. No emotions. He says its a decision. The news ends here and so does our last meeting. His perfume lingers in the air, waiting for me to acknowledge his presence and get used to his absence, as he walks out my sad grey door, which will now, no longer be his shore..


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Its a sea of people that I sway along with.
With them I flow. Into the sea I swim.
Its vast and infinite. Its soothing and fertile.
This sea of people.
My safety, my escape.
My power, my make..

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