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Do you look beyond tomorrow?

Can you see the beauty of everything?

Do you look beyond your sorrows?

There is more to life than your routine.

The building, the tree, the car, the sea

I came across a thousand beings.

To love, to feel, to chance, to seize

Have you ever tried to follow your dreams?
Even if you fall

Even if you fail

Even if its not clear there,

Have the courage to believe.

You’ll soon discover the unseen.
Can you see the invisible?
Can you do the undo-able?

Can you leave what’s always done?

Try and take a step towards the unthinkable.

There is a new world, waiting to crush you to fall

Rise up against it like the sea

and even in you darkest fears, you’ll find the best breeze!


Mislead darkness

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Small town girl in a big big world

So much of freedom to earn

Out of boarding and into the artificial wild

It was too much to handle for the “poor soul”

Late night parties with Glitter and Glam

Trying to build a slam

Dizzy, hazy, too foggy became the view

And soon she lost sight of the truth.

The right things became useless

The wrong, the right.

She went along the unsaid,

Lost the friends along the freight.

Her path became rough

And she never got to be tough

Her innocence went missing

Between all the caressing

She lacked all sense.

She was yet to know worldly views

Broken, fainted, she had no clue

Of what she had left behind

Her precious stones of blue,

So simple and true,

The serenity of the peace,

The value of being unused.



June 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

Its eating you up,
these waves.
But the pleasure is with the Rains
This wind blows across my face
And each hair strand has a shadow of its own.
The cloud with a dragon, a camel, a dog, runs through the playground of the magical sky.
Playing hide and seek with shapes so profound.

The waters are endless but dark.
Sound of the
Waves are flowing
Rolling deep in your skin,
Tinkling on your feet, your senses
Naturality heals
The ache of yesterday.
Falling, calm, you feel at ease
It lays there forever,
taking in the breeze so serene.


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Kahaani likhna

Kahaaniya toh bohot hai is duniya mein. Banane ke kiye. Banne ke liye intezaar karti hui. Par kaun janta hai ki kya sach aur kya jhoot hai.

Uss chalte hue musaafar ko kya gum hai?

Main kaun hoti hoon kahaaniya banane waali. Jab har insan ki apni hi ek katha hai, joh intezaar kar rahi hai khulne ke liye. Jo dastaan abhi bayaan honi baaki hai.

inn nadhiyoon ko uss samundar se kaun milaye, jab raste raste par dhundle khwaab hai. Kiss muh se aap likhna chaye jab har shabd mein ek mulaakat hai. Ek jhoothi baat hai.

Kyoon inn massomo ki armano ka istemaal ho, apne matlab ke liye. Likhte likhte paisa kamaane ke liye. Inn par adam rakh kar, aage badne ke liye.

Kya bhala dar denge hum, in be-gharo ko takhte hue. inn par kahaaniya baanate hui. Jab inka zarha zarha hi barbaad hai. Kya bhala kar denge hum, iss dukh bhari kahaani ko bataate hue, jab padhne waala bhi apni zindagi ke gammo ka shikar hai.

Kahaaniya toh bohot hai iss duniya mein. Banane ke liye. Batane ke liye. Lekin har likhne, padne, waalo ki bhi aapni zubaan ek khoobsurat dastaan hai.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

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For a brief span of time i actually believed that you love me.

For a brief span of time, my heart skipped a beet.

But wrongfully that was not what it was

and yet again a little piece inside me died.

I feel all alone now

A vacant space below.

You made me wait, you came,

but were never here to stay.

Sweet talking, you had made your way.

It’s the hundredth time my heart breaks

and nothing remains

Its hopeless, i feel to fall in love again

when you have to leave to never return again

No hope anywhere.

Other aspects are also pushing over me

Bending me down low beneath.

Oh, its so hard to stay strong

I just want to sit down n weep

But tears don’t seem to creep,

through the eyelids of my dream

Helpless to not give up

I don’t scream. Instead

Try to work out things,

Better than what they seem.



Attempt at decoding love

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Love is just a lie that teenagers believe in.
The real world is too practical to fall in it.
Love is a truth just for the sensitive n naive.
The illusion breaks with the heart breaks
Lust, power, money, fame.
Is what they all claim
This so called world, too busy to love
Too busy for something unconventional.
Its the most misunderstood feeling.
It always hurts to love deeply.
Its worth all its pain.
You don’t have anyone to blame
It takes you through ups and downs.
Love is just a lie that teenagers believe in
Because by the time, they turn adult, they are torn
All the love is gone.


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Don’t think too much.
Just act.

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