Dear Human…

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Dear Human….



October 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

You are just a story that I can’t retrieve yet
A life that am trying to breathe
The road am walking on
The future, past and today I feel

You are my reality
Am trying to live through
My dreams, I see

I am here in my beliefs
Relishing each word unsaid.
You are the me that I don’t want to see yet.


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Last night while stuffing my tiny brains with the world economic conditions, a random realization struck me.
The sugar sweet point of my present situation. I sit here in my 2bhk rented flat today as a young, confident, beautiful, independent, well-off girl. I have a lovely creative job while am just 20 and attending college. Am happy and blessed to be alive and existing in perfectly better than ordinary conditions when there must be so many still struggling to live. May god spread my blessings to those too.


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Sleep in the lap of nature
Lose yourself and build a dream
I’ll come and visit you sometime
Some other time when things are not what they seem

Sleep to the winter approaching
I’ll meet you in springs of yourself
When it’ll be a better today
And my better request

Let there be no regrets and sorries
No provision for your histories
When we’ll think better of ourselves
I’ll meet you at that sunset.

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“I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”
And it takes all your courage to do so.

"purdhil station"

I just watched ‘basketball diaries’, and I am obviously overwhelmed with its thoughtful liberation (God, I’m in love with this word). Starting from where the movie ends, I get to the point where I am at – stuck in the dilemma of whether I should or should not quit college, and set on a journey of my own, the way I want my next moment to be.

Papa told me that I’d later regret not having a degree. My room-mate warned me that I wouldn’t be able to even do Master’s without doing Bachelor’s. A friend told me that perhaps it’s not the right time. Another pleaded me to postpone till I can brag of a degree. As I see the prospects, I am expected to get ‘qualification’ in some form and then go on living a prosperous life, which would entail a hefty bank balance and thus the ability…

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Infnite Starts

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Infinite starts

Infinite dreams

Our story

On a trodden street.

Forbidden walks

Longing retreats

We carry on

Street by street.

Explore each other

Deep and dark

A kiss here and a silent laugh.

Mocking at myself

A sweet belief

Lost and found

On vast stretches of the beach.

Open thoughts

Drown in awe

Captivating eyes

My muse relief.

Must I dare

Disclose the unspoken

Lost hopes

Lost intentions.

Infinite starts

Infinite dreams

We speak through minds

And the assumptions increase.

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