Choices sailing through

December 30, 2012 § 1 Comment

Swimming in this sea of come and go

A ship came sailing through

But it had a heart hole.


I had two roads to go.

Either escape on this one to the port

Or let it drown too with my life’s woes.


Hold my hand and pull me close

I have a choice to stay or to let go.


It is my savior, my hope

I carry on mesmerized by all the glory and the gold

shinning in the darkness of my soul.


Its warmer inside



And Yet,

I feel tilted and toiled

to  leave the familiar behind.

Change has always been a big risk.

Its a never-ending ride.

For the better? Or the worse?

You never know.

You never know, child.

Close your eyes and breathe the aura inside.


Devil’s friend in the angel’s dream

December 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

Devil’s friend in the angel.

Warning signs

December 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sometimes the signs are the mind’s game.
The signs spoil the ways.
Just flow like a river, carrying along all the leaves
and you might just pick up flowers running down stream.
Carry on with your original self
self pleasing
nourishing an unspoken dream.


December 21, 2012 § 1 Comment

Who do you love darling?

Who do you bear?

Who do you trust darling?

When masquerades is the talk of the air.


The sunshine falls upon you to distill your sight

It burns you down till your last breathing right

When you think that it is the end

Don’t you worry darling,

the healing has just begun.


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I know where you hide

And I know all your lies

Telling yourself each day

You have given yourself away


As damned as you seem,

The pleasures are intoxicating.

You are the machine in the factory,

Producing sins every week.


Your eyes smell of devil

You innocent smile is beguiling

Your soul is always up for evil,

Attracting the bad deeds.


Your complexity is servile.

They burn in it at an ant’s speed

Giving you the sadistic pleasure of a sweet retreat.

You and your devilish insights.

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"purdhil station"

I give my words to you,
Give you rest.
I say I feel your pain,
Give you my best.

When I see that hope in your eyes,
The summer sun rising from the horizon,
My face glows in your light,
But fears to have you mourn.

I crawl,
I walk away.
I stop,
I can’t just look away.

So, I turn around,
The wind whirls about.
I hold your hand,
Let fate knock us out.

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soft_sea_waves_at_sunset_sjpg7533Each wave crashes against the sea bed

Submerged amongst the unrest

Magnated before it dies

to form yet another tide.


Love blossoms against all spites.


It ends in a form.stock-footage-soft-wave-of-the-sea-on-the-sandy-beach

Half died.

Yesterday I had cried,

used from all insides



Often when you desperately reach out for the end

To come back to where you began

Retaliation is not on your mind



It ceases to remain still

These waves are never uptight

They lay there,

only to be repeatedly magnified.

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