Eternal Episode

March 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


You know how this goes

In the wake of the dawn, my love rose

You struck the pointed end at it

But the rays of the sun got no pain

Unlike the flesh of the man with all blood drained


I moved across the crowed hall with all eyes on me.

Their questioning gaze fell again and again

On the beast inside me loving


It was a pity you found it a waste

You lost all love I offered then

My offer has died its natural death

Leaving you as you pleased

But remember even the beast felt

And the sun doesn’t extinguish easily.



Eruptions into the perfect life

March 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

The day broke out today

Not as good as yesterday

I breathe life into things which went out of sight

I knocked at those deep buried feeling inside

The blast busted

Nothing felt good in any way


I walked numb to the feelings around

Breathing. But just breathing in and out

I halted mid way

Thinking about all the things I needed to say

Those never uttered thoughts

Lost in the ocean of purposeless ways


It felt good to be alive

But I was better off dead

Things carry carry on

My way

Just my way didn’t feel right at some point


Now am bound by my alien satisfaction

New things causing reaction

Building this hopeless anticipation

Bleeding out all the relations

Where Am I?

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