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Love is my weakness. It makes me sensitive, so vulnerable. Whether the

idea of love

comes when I am with a man or without a man, Love makes me gullible.

It makes me believe everything that my love says, because when I love

someone, I love them so wholeheartedly that I just want to ignore all the

bad things about them and only concentrate on loving them completely.


But feeding on someone’s love, makes me stronger.

I feel like a confident,

beautiful, sexy, young lady that I have never felt before. It’s like I gain

strength from your weakness.

You, who love me.

I will drain you out of

all of it and feed on it till you have no more to give or I can’t take any

more of it.

gothic-love-dark-x-id-378778I will arouse your love for me till you won’t know how to stop it and

I will have no intentions to love you back. You just satisfy my hunger for


You, my boy, have become my slave now.

It is your duty to serve me.


That random guy

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I hate him so much because I know if I get more of him, I’ll fall in love with him.

I hate him so much because his mere presence challenges my own

I hate him because the fore of the attraction i feel with him is trong enough to make me do some kind of insane act.

I hate to keep my sanity alive

I hate him because I am unable to draw myself away from his eyes.

Those oh so sincere, intriguing and interesting eyes, which make me want to dive into their oceans and explore their depths

I hate him because i know he is capable of weakening my knees at the drop of his hat.

He can make me feel helpless so easily.

And I will let him, if I stop hating him.

So it is necessary for me to hate him.

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