Fate’s child

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What shall I say to you love

My love, you have started to quote poetry.

I am astonished, confused and sent to heaven and hell, love.

Was that in my memory or for a new love?


I have been indulging in futile acts, love.

Acts without you are futile to life

Your absence left my practicality to work.

But how does it matter, when I have my personal wife?


How we may love what we get?

When what we want, never stays ours.

Abide by duty and follow thy path.

Let fate decide our stars.

Then happy those whom Fate, that is the stronger,
Together twists their threads, & yet draws hers the longer.

                                                                                              – Aurelian Townshend



Watch me ON SCREEN !!

January 27, 2014 § 4 Comments

There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the infinite passion of life. – Federico fellini

Hey all, I know I should be writing at great lengths about this one but I would love to get your reviews over it! So instead I hold my breadth and wait for all you critics out there to tell me exactly what do you think about my acting debut! Go ahead and comment!!

Jee le

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Kyu mar mar ke jee raha hai bande

Aaja aaj saas bhar le

Kis aur chale jaa raha hai

Tere jeene ki wajah kya hai?


Kyu roz charkha chala raha hai bande?

Kya khoya aur kya paaya hai tune?


Zindagi yoonhi beet jayegi

laapata ye rut suhani phir na ayegi

Kyu mar mar ke jee raha hai bande

Aaja aaj ab toh pyaar kar le

Aaja aaj ab toh saas bhar le


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Tell me who is the right person for you?

Or is there even someone who can be called right?

Tell me what is right and wrong for you?

When your good is out of sight?


Just when they turn wrong,

you realize they were never right.

Just when you open your mind,

everybody is already out of sight.

Nothing to lose

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Mera koi wajood nahi

Mujhe dhoond rahe ho kaha

Ghar bhi ab ghar nahi

Bas raste hai yahaan


Manzil ab door nahi

koi cheez ka darr nahi yahaan

mera koi wajood nahi

Mujhe dhoond rahe ho kaha?


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I got so many sides to me

I’ll show you the side which you want to see


I got so many people to please

They all live in different realities.


How different can each person be

Yet so connected we can all feel


Just exploring new paths in the hope of some discovery


Are you too comfortable in your shoes?

Then take them out and wear the new.


It’s important to embrace variety

Watching it transform so vividly.


I got so many parts to me.

But I’ll show you the one that I choose to release.


There is a joy in heterogeneity

Wisdom hidden in diversity.



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Love is my weakness. It makes me sensitive, so vulnerable. Whether the

idea of love

comes when I am with a man or without a man, Love makes me gullible.

It makes me believe everything that my love says, because when I love

someone, I love them so wholeheartedly that I just want to ignore all the

bad things about them and only concentrate on loving them completely.


But feeding on someone’s love, makes me stronger.

I feel like a confident,

beautiful, sexy, young lady that I have never felt before. It’s like I gain

strength from your weakness.

You, who love me.

I will drain you out of

all of it and feed on it till you have no more to give or I can’t take any

more of it.

gothic-love-dark-x-id-378778I will arouse your love for me till you won’t know how to stop it and

I will have no intentions to love you back. You just satisfy my hunger for


You, my boy, have become my slave now.

It is your duty to serve me.

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