February 20, 2013 § Leave a comment


I watched

Every minor detail of the face of things

How it breathe,

How it saw what it saw

I observed

Every word my problem spoke

Sweet misery

Existing in sweet nothing.


That face meant the world to me

But it changed expressions so quickly.

I ran as fast as I could

But didn’t seem to catch up in time

It blurred in the distance

Disappearing in the fog


I found myself standing on a new island

Amist masked faces

Because that face had meant the world to me

The only face which I had studied so closely

Now the face of all things seemed very strange to me



Just like the face, which I lost in plea.



December 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Should I celebrate or mourn?

You left me all alone

To make way for a ‘nice’.


The layers have build up of the cast

It pains my heart to see the start

Of the happy, mesmerized life

I had asked for your love

Rejection is all you replied

Then came by a dream.

Everything I had asked for you in

Everything caring, everything frank

Perfect. He loves me with all his might.


Am so confused

Its like a roller coaster ride

I have been forced upon


I am so damaged n crippled

That a simple beam of sunlight makes me want to run away and hide

Goodness seems wrong. Everything wrong, right.

Acceptance is being so hard

Am fighting and avoiding with all my might.


All my energies, still craving for you

But you have already pushed me aside

I have nowhere to go but to the inviting light

Its calling my name all the while I am straining to hear a word from you


Oh nothing seems right

Nothing seems right

Swallow me inside n build a new me after the turmoil.

Revealing, reflecting, contemplating>>>Discovering

November 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

Sometimes things change. Not always the way you expect them to. It is surprising but its good to be surprised once in a while. It keeps you on your toes and tips you off often. Eventually you learn to balance.

Loving without communicating (read: one sided love in no commitment act, friends with benefits) is not as simple as it seems.

When you see falling relationships all around, it may come as a relief and feel like a cake walk. Don’t get delusional about this because you possibly can’y go on forever with this little set up. Love is such a strong emotion that the heat radiates in the air in the near proximity. Sooner or later your little secret does start becoming a little obvious. And believe it or not, you are then, just left with a puddle of imaginary, messed up world which exists only in the realms of your minds.

So let go of these illusions. They come with their own complications, which can be worse than just “Relationships are Complicated” crap. You have to work to make it work. I quote 

‘Communication in measurable amount’ is the key for a successful journey in wonderland.

Its not always rainbows and butterflies, but compromise that gets you along… Have a safe trip! 🙂

Transactions through Realms

November 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Walking through the different shades of rainbow
I walk out one realm of emotion
A phase which I do not regret
I feel more confident of myself
A construction
Am looking to build myself
By each n each piece that I shall now collect

The past feels like a trance
Been there, felt that
That’s all that can be said
The coma, I have recovered from
It all is a new experience in itself
A new perspective
Yet so many unsolved puzzles left
All roads shall lead to one door
I need to figure out my steps

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