The Worth of an education

January 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

I dreamt of an invasion

Ill treatment of my intellect

No sense of my education

De barred from freedom

I dreamt of an invasion

Respect of my intellect

My thoughts as a tool

A support to empower people.


Moving places

November 20, 2014 § 2 Comments

Left a thousand unsaid

Because a million emotions were felt

On the threshold of leaving them to rest,

The horizon got painted in hues of dreams blessed.

Transcending through time zones. View from the plane.

Transcending through time zones.
View from the plane.


December 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Should I celebrate or mourn?

You left me all alone

To make way for a ‘nice’.


The layers have build up of the cast

It pains my heart to see the start

Of the happy, mesmerized life

I had asked for your love

Rejection is all you replied

Then came by a dream.

Everything I had asked for you in

Everything caring, everything frank

Perfect. He loves me with all his might.


Am so confused

Its like a roller coaster ride

I have been forced upon


I am so damaged n crippled

That a simple beam of sunlight makes me want to run away and hide

Goodness seems wrong. Everything wrong, right.

Acceptance is being so hard

Am fighting and avoiding with all my might.


All my energies, still craving for you

But you have already pushed me aside

I have nowhere to go but to the inviting light

Its calling my name all the while I am straining to hear a word from you


Oh nothing seems right

Nothing seems right

Swallow me inside n build a new me after the turmoil.

Era of forgotten worlds

August 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

I live in the era of forgotten worlds
I love poetry and odissi verse
In the era of twitter and jazz moves
I play golf among the tallest towers.
Play piano in the midst of guitars

My words go unheard,
Lost between a million blogs
I need contacts to make my mark
Yet I wish to remain anonymous
to lead daily peace
Away from competitive minds


I don’t want to know about market price
I just want to sit and wait for the sun to rise
Feel the rain, and take a fresh breath inside.
Create things, you can never dream of
Portray beauty in its pure form
Dance like a peacock on the stage.
Be who I am
And relish this only life.

But these times require the economies
The accounts and the business leash
Or I’ll get swallowed by the giant crane
The industrialised n the capitalised state.
So I forget what I love and play
And write in those meetings for the blank face.
And dream about the day to come
When this era ends, and mine comes.


August 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

All our lives, we were told lies

This safe, secure fairytale which seized to remain

The make belief world, where only good reclaimed

At each step I am reminded that evil prevails

Be a bitch and strive


Kick the dog out of sight, and make your way on this hell’s trails

Honesty, saints all fail

Act guilt free today

If you want the dream, then take it

You just can’t wait for heaven’s parade.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

June 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

For a brief span of time i actually believed that you love me.

For a brief span of time, my heart skipped a beet.

But wrongfully that was not what it was

and yet again a little piece inside me died.

I feel all alone now

A vacant space below.

You made me wait, you came,

but were never here to stay.

Sweet talking, you had made your way.

It’s the hundredth time my heart breaks

and nothing remains

Its hopeless, i feel to fall in love again

when you have to leave to never return again

No hope anywhere.

Other aspects are also pushing over me

Bending me down low beneath.

Oh, its so hard to stay strong

I just want to sit down n weep

But tears don’t seem to creep,

through the eyelids of my dream

Helpless to not give up

I don’t scream. Instead

Try to work out things,

Better than what they seem.



Dream on

June 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

I walk about in nude dreams. So serene. So naïve.

I walk about in narrow lanes and wide streets

Try and look at the world through my eyes.

Where do we belong? Who are we?

Have we got a choice?

I don’t know my next turn,

or if the spoken words are empty lies?

What’s behind that face?

A faded scar? A fake smile?

Dream. Dream all that you want.Dream all that you can try.

Build the courage you need to get to it

Before your life flies

For there is no tomorrow,

There is no yesterday

All we have with us is,

Only this day

Walk a mile on your foot

To fly in the plane next day

For there is no success to life,

Without the hard way

Without the hard way.

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