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I got so many sides to me

I’ll show you the side which you want to see


I got so many people to please

They all live in different realities.


How different can each person be

Yet so connected we can all feel


Just exploring new paths in the hope of some discovery


Are you too comfortable in your shoes?

Then take them out and wear the new.


It’s important to embrace variety

Watching it transform so vividly.


I got so many parts to me.

But I’ll show you the one that I choose to release.


There is a joy in heterogeneity

Wisdom hidden in diversity.




November 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

Garjate angaare liye

Main cheer ke duniya chahti hoon

Toofano se tez dorti, dharkano ko sunanna chahti hoon


Inn bandh kamro mein saanse, barbadi ki raah hi chalti hai

Waqt paani ki tarah behta, zindagi yoon hi guzar rahi hai


Kitna hisaab, kitna paisa,

Kitna bhau iss mehnat ka?

Ped ki daali se ab kya banta hai

Phool, kaliyoh ka kon sa ghehna?


Badi company ki badi afsar bhi bano

Shaadi karke, shusheel bhi raho

Duniya toh paiso par naachti hai

Usko kamao, duniya kamao


Par main iss ubharte hue junoon ka kya karu?

Deemak ki tarah mujhe khata hua jo

Bijli ke angaare bahar phek raha hai

Inhi par main chalti rehti,

ab main udhna bhi chahti hoon.

Transactions through Realms

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Walking through the different shades of rainbow
I walk out one realm of emotion
A phase which I do not regret
I feel more confident of myself
A construction
Am looking to build myself
By each n each piece that I shall now collect

The past feels like a trance
Been there, felt that
That’s all that can be said
The coma, I have recovered from
It all is a new experience in itself
A new perspective
Yet so many unsolved puzzles left
All roads shall lead to one door
I need to figure out my steps


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Are your thoughts and views the foremost to you? Can you stop the environment you live in to stop affecting your choices? May be not, may be, yes. If you are one of those people who know exactly what you what out of life, then congrats! Nothing can you stop you from having a safe landing to where you belong!

But what if you are so utterly puzzled with your purpose and feel like a tiny grass in the whole of grassland where everyone is at your head, ready to cut you out at the first sign of your growth!? Your decisions are influenced by the your surroundings. Where you have to take each step, with the permissions of other. Your every action is governed by the authorities in your life. Your life becomes a game, where you are left alone in the city but are constantly controlled by the administrators.

Mumbai. This city is either about Bollywood or Money making. The middle class is happily satisfied by travelling in cramped trains and buses, if by the end of the month they have collected a reasonable amount in their respective bank accounts. As for the ones, a little above on the ladder, a little bit of Glamour is all they seek in their lives. Living here, it feels that there is actually no more to life, than fame and money, and practically to think so, yes, it feels true too.

But am sure it’s not the end all and be all of our existence. This city inspires me to crack my brains to stand out in this race. This never-ending struggle, where you need a lot of persistence. It reminds that I have a lot to learn yet. Lots to experience, before I finally achieve something concrete. Something that can help me enter others thought processes, even if for a day. And if on my way, I accidentally achieve money and fame, so be it . But till then, am here to learn, to experience all ups and downs. Lets the journey resume!!


April 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

I hate it when the reminders come and hit your face again and again and again. I wish to move on with my life. Is it so difficult to get that?!

I love experiencing new things. I love adventures. I love excitement and enthuse.

I hate clinging on. I hate monotony. I hate obsession for long.

I have a bad experience. I want to learn from it and move on. I hate these records of social interaction which stare at you at the face with their subtle show off or should i say obvious ones! Some people just can’t mind their own business and love poking their huge noses in other’s matters. Poor souls. Their lives’s mission becomes pumping gossip all around. They are the kind who create celebrities, giving them so much importance that they no longer remain ordinary.

We all start from the same place when we begin. You cannot predict anybody’s journey when they are standing on the first ring of the ladder. Even for those who’s starting point is way ahead, you can never tell about life you know! Wonder how you’ll fare when it is so full of unexpected things.

My friend was studying alone in Bangalore. A big city for a new person. One ordinary day when he was just walking down the street, he got attacked and mobbed! When he tried protesting, a whole action sequence with blood knife and cuts took place. That little unseen incidence could have costed him his life. A tiny rift and an end to all.

So learn. You have a bad day. Learn from it, and move on. Stop clinging on to your regrets and mistakes. Live each moment because you yourself don’t know how many you possess. Love the ones who love you back. Forget the ones who don’t, for they don’t deserve you. Value friendship and relationships because they help you sail through the tough times. Don’t bother about the social addicts. When your word goes around, you’ll know you are on your way to becoming a celebrity! 😉

The only person you are accountable is yourself. The only reason for you happiness is you. Love yourself, respect yourself and nurture the special one in you!! 🙂Image

An attempt to read the beauty

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Stand, facing a piece of art work and if it fails to hold your attention, it fails its purpose.

You can only understand the value of a painting, if you actually make an effort to because its all in the mind. Its the way you perceive it. If you stand facing an abstract painting with a nonchalant mind, you’ll never get the intention behind its creation. When an emotion is born out of your thughtful analysis of the whole image, a connection is build up.

I recently visited my first Art festival and I swear, you can take my word for it, that you just cannot spend mere hours in one. It can literally take days for you to relish each art work from your eyes. The whole experience is exalting. Its a completely different one altogether. It calms you up, transporting you to another world. An artist’s world. And at this moment, a peek into its journey begins!

Adrenaline rush

December 10, 2011 § 1 Comment

Remember the thrill you got when you rode that huge ride in the amusement park, or the kicks that you got when you sneaked out of your house for the first time. The joy of partying till the sunrises or the randomness of traveling to the other corner of the city just to make your day different!!

There is certain sense of excitement in breaking the rules. A satisfaction. A pleasure derived from the daily stuff. When you run behind a train to catch one and you succeed! The overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
A greed to try new things. To experience the different. All of us desire it. The feeling that we cross those boundaries made at us.
Everything becomes like a wall that can be broken and guess what, the after effects are best part of the whole deal.
But if we really sit and obsess about the whole deal , it can turn maddening. Of course extreme of anything is disastrous and that is not what I am trying to express here.

All am trying to say is that you are the owner of your life. Stop cribbing about every single obstacle that comes your way. Stop winning about how boring your life is. Stop blaming someone else for your monotonous laziness.
Every day can be a new adventure if wanted. But you gotta break through for that and rules and meant to be broken. Right 😉

Find something new to do today.  Make your own life interesting and exciting, otherwise where’s the fun in being good?? Time once gone, never returns. Everyday can be made worth living, if tried. Am sure you don’t want to look back and regret about all the things you missed out on!

So get up from that addictive bed, think beyond facebook  and do something that you have been thinking of doing since forever now!! Let me also know if anything was hammered by you for a change! 🙂 Ill be waiting for some responses!

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