November 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

Garjate angaare liye

Main cheer ke duniya chahti hoon

Toofano se tez dorti, dharkano ko sunanna chahti hoon


Inn bandh kamro mein saanse, barbadi ki raah hi chalti hai

Waqt paani ki tarah behta, zindagi yoon hi guzar rahi hai


Kitna hisaab, kitna paisa,

Kitna bhau iss mehnat ka?

Ped ki daali se ab kya banta hai

Phool, kaliyoh ka kon sa ghehna?


Badi company ki badi afsar bhi bano

Shaadi karke, shusheel bhi raho

Duniya toh paiso par naachti hai

Usko kamao, duniya kamao


Par main iss ubharte hue junoon ka kya karu?

Deemak ki tarah mujhe khata hua jo

Bijli ke angaare bahar phek raha hai

Inhi par main chalti rehti,

ab main udhna bhi chahti hoon.



October 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

You are just a story that I can’t retrieve yet
A life that am trying to breathe
The road am walking on
The future, past and today I feel

You are my reality
Am trying to live through
My dreams, I see

I am here in my beliefs
Relishing each word unsaid.
You are the me that I don’t want to see yet.


September 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t need a man to set me right

Don’t need anyone to sit beside.

The truth of the matter, or of

What I feel

Is what I’m going to set aside.

I have delayed it for too long,

but am going to keep it with me.

I’ll burn myself, and leave the ashes behind.

The water.

The wind.

Where is the sense in me living?

There is so much peace

The same scribblings.


Forbidden love.

Speechless dreams.

So insignificant from far above.

The damage is done.

Useless crease.

Overwhelming me.


June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Do you look beyond tomorrow?

Can you see the beauty of everything?

Do you look beyond your sorrows?

There is more to life than your routine.

The building, the tree, the car, the sea

I came across a thousand beings.

To love, to feel, to chance, to seize

Have you ever tried to follow your dreams?
Even if you fall

Even if you fail

Even if its not clear there,

Have the courage to believe.

You’ll soon discover the unseen.
Can you see the invisible?
Can you do the undo-able?

Can you leave what’s always done?

Try and take a step towards the unthinkable.

There is a new world, waiting to crush you to fall

Rise up against it like the sea

and even in you darkest fears, you’ll find the best breeze!

Peace alas!

December 12, 2011 § 1 Comment

This air tickles calmness

Its playfully smooth

The moon is orange

The sky navy blue.

That sunset was so beautiful

the one I saw with you.

Its lonely

but am at peace.

without emotions. Numb.

I finally feel at ease.

Where Am I?

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