November 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

Garjate angaare liye

Main cheer ke duniya chahti hoon

Toofano se tez dorti, dharkano ko sunanna chahti hoon


Inn bandh kamro mein saanse, barbadi ki raah hi chalti hai

Waqt paani ki tarah behta, zindagi yoon hi guzar rahi hai


Kitna hisaab, kitna paisa,

Kitna bhau iss mehnat ka?

Ped ki daali se ab kya banta hai

Phool, kaliyoh ka kon sa ghehna?


Badi company ki badi afsar bhi bano

Shaadi karke, shusheel bhi raho

Duniya toh paiso par naachti hai

Usko kamao, duniya kamao


Par main iss ubharte hue junoon ka kya karu?

Deemak ki tarah mujhe khata hua jo

Bijli ke angaare bahar phek raha hai

Inhi par main chalti rehti,

ab main udhna bhi chahti hoon.


I know you love me

June 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

The way you look at me

I know that you want me

The way your heart beats

I truly feel you heart beats

Your vibes you transfer me

I know that you are starting to fall in love

and its not your mistake

I am a girl so beautiful

so sweet, so inevitable

I am a girl, so hard to have

got all the things you could never dream.

The way you look at me

I know that you feel for me

Don’t be so shy, oh baby please

At least give your heart one last try.

There is no guaranteeing

If you’ll ever be mine

Be assure of one thing

I will never get out of your sight.

You are in love with me.

And I hope that I got it right!

The good feeling

June 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I walk on the way,
Where we once walked together
Talked together

Listen to the music
Which my heart is playing.
Look at the smile
Which is not fading.
A bounce in my steps
I sing in every breath.
Your face is not escaping
Through my memory

And I am loving each moment
Am dancing each leg
There is so much with me

The breeze through my hair
Oh baby I swear
Its a new me that you see
I am loving everything

As I walk back the same aisle
I know I got it right this time
As I look back at the memories
I know that it was the best of everything
The best of everything!!


June 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

I find myself standing at the same junction where I was yesterday

Walking a hundred miles, just to see your face.

Days, months, years n places

I still wait

Wait for my escape.

Each second is like a long trial

Mouth parched n sore soles

I wait in desire

For you to come

For you see

How much I have been waiting for thee

There is tingle in my heart

How will you be

After all the past

When we will finally meet..


November 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

When you choose to let go and experience the joy. That is the time to make a loud cry.
To the ones you love.
To the ones you cherish.
Just open your heart and smile…

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