Infnite Starts

October 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

Infinite starts

Infinite dreams

Our story

On a trodden street.

Forbidden walks

Longing retreats

We carry on

Street by street.

Explore each other

Deep and dark

A kiss here and a silent laugh.

Mocking at myself

A sweet belief

Lost and found

On vast stretches of the beach.

Open thoughts

Drown in awe

Captivating eyes

My muse relief.

Must I dare

Disclose the unspoken

Lost hopes

Lost intentions.

Infinite starts

Infinite dreams

We speak through minds

And the assumptions increase.


One with all. All in one.

July 26, 2012 § 2 Comments


Water tickles down your neck

A whirlpool of freshness

Sweeps your breath away, as you walk towards the endless ocean.

Free will.

Can you smell the freedom?

The wet rain?

As it splashes across your face…

Its enveloping you, the sky.


It meets with the sea over the land

where you stand.

They are all infinite

Alas its a clear sight.

Its all as it is

With no boundaries n assumptions made

We create Life all over again!!Image

Chaos of Reclusive phase

April 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Restlessness and uneasyness. An urge to break through. Fly . Fly far away.

A falling stone. A moving petal. The blooming surface.

A beautiful face. Breath taking sunrise. The forgotten days.

Memorable photographs. The empty lane.

A thousand facebook friends. A million plans. Infinite dreams.

Morality. A forgotten reality.

Vacant. But not lonely, not taken.

The dead need

November 4, 2011 § 3 Comments

I am not scared of dying, or of losing anything. Life is to be lived.
Am not afraid of the inevitable end, but the inevitable similarity.

Its the monotony of life that haunts me.. The living of the same day, everyday.
Its the mechanical act that bothers.
The infinite routine, that destroys.

You walk a thousand miles, and find yourself standing at the same place everyday.
You know that money counts the most and to get it all, you keep walking and walking the same place.


The illness of greed is death. The paycheck slave, a zombi.
Its the living death that is death and the killing of everyday, our end.

( This particular thought was inspired by the act of suburb dwellers in any metro city. Where in, everyday, they take those same routes and trains that lead to same places. The only motivating factor they have is their need for money to carry on with their negligible life.

I found this act very emotionless. Obviously back home, each one of them must be leading different lives. But on the stations, its as if they all wear the same mask. They all are one.

Yet each is on by himself. Fighting against the same problem, not together. But alone. Even in the crowd they are all alone, following their daily routine. Going from home to work to back home.

And I don’t think anything can be changed, until truly desired. But again who will go against the law? This are how things have been going. This is how it is meant to be. This the only right, ideal way to live in a society. To go on minding your own business. Go on living the life we have got. Who thinks about the reason behind these acts? Right? )

What do you think? If given a chance, can you possibly dare to be different? Can you initiate to help change the mentality in any way??


November 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Its a sea of people that I sway along with.
With them I flow. Into the sea I swim.
Its vast and infinite. Its soothing and fertile.
This sea of people.
My safety, my escape.
My power, my make..

Where Am I?

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