A simple man gone astray

February 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

That lone man stands alone in the middle of all that nature. He looks at the mountain, the sheeps, the cows. He looks at the train passing by. He wonders what might befall,

If he ever chooses to just live by. If he too decides on a holiday, decides to go off to a far away land. Where he can toil in the rickshaw, and gaze at the seas, sell vegetables and live without a relief.

Imagine the loss if this care taker of these endless stretches of land, abandons all of god’s wealth and goes in the search of his mansion planned!

Dreaming away his city dreams, someone warn him it will be toxic all that he breathes.

A seed of desire if what kills a man, someone tell him that he already owns god’s land.



July 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

So you know at the day’s end

When the leaves cripple and the night begins.


When the sun goes down, the people come pouring in…

the lobbies, buses, cars and trains.

Everyone comes rushing out

Out, to go into their homes again.


At the day’s end, when life’s past.

Back at school as at the start.

Finding ourselves seated in closed rooms.

Cabinating lives, forgetful wives.

Eye to eye.

Bounded lives.


I ask to be aware of the day’s end

When the leaves cripple

and the night starts to begin.


December 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

afternoon-sunlight_422_76765Wavering lightness dancing to the tunes of honey

So pleased

Basking in the glory of reverie

You are carried away by your own pleasantry

Mistakably soft misery

So much so, that it is dismissing.


Golden beam piercing through

Reflecting rays, sleeping peacefully
Rising temperature

Velvety soft covering silk

comforting amongst amiss


Cracking cells falling apart

Bringing me relief

I surrender my soul to nature’s cradling leaf.




October 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sleep in the lap of nature
Lose yourself and build a dream
I’ll come and visit you sometime
Some other time when things are not what they seem

Sleep to the winter approaching
I’ll meet you in springs of yourself
When it’ll be a better today
And my better request

Let there be no regrets and sorries
No provision for your histories
When we’ll think better of ourselves
I’ll meet you at that sunset.


July 28, 2012 § Leave a comment


A jack beneath the furrow

Darkness inside the hallow.

So much we talk

Crunchy miles we walk

Just to get out our way.

Its money I say,

That turns our night into Day.

Loyalty is fictitious.

Its written in fairy tales.

Why do we hide in fright?

When our driver is our might.

What would you do without him any way!?

The light across the trees

Our hunt for our needs

Basking greenery in sand dunes, can’t survive.

Culture cutting freedom of your wife

n What of all the sins you did

throughout your honorable life??

The leaves fall off when dried.

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