The Worth of an education

January 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

I dreamt of an invasion

Ill treatment of my intellect

No sense of my education

De barred from freedom

I dreamt of an invasion

Respect of my intellect

My thoughts as a tool

A support to empower people.


A simple man gone astray

February 11, 2014 § Leave a comment

That lone man stands alone in the middle of all that nature. He looks at the mountain, the sheeps, the cows. He looks at the train passing by. He wonders what might befall,

If he ever chooses to just live by. If he too decides on a holiday, decides to go off to a far away land. Where he can toil in the rickshaw, and gaze at the seas, sell vegetables and live without a relief.

Imagine the loss if this care taker of these endless stretches of land, abandons all of god’s wealth and goes in the search of his mansion planned!

Dreaming away his city dreams, someone warn him it will be toxic all that he breathes.

A seed of desire if what kills a man, someone tell him that he already owns god’s land.

Jee le

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Kyu mar mar ke jee raha hai bande

Aaja aaj saas bhar le

Kis aur chale jaa raha hai

Tere jeene ki wajah kya hai?


Kyu roz charkha chala raha hai bande?

Kya khoya aur kya paaya hai tune?


Zindagi yoonhi beet jayegi

laapata ye rut suhani phir na ayegi

Kyu mar mar ke jee raha hai bande

Aaja aaj ab toh pyaar kar le

Aaja aaj ab toh saas bhar le


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Tell me who is the right person for you?

Or is there even someone who can be called right?

Tell me what is right and wrong for you?

When your good is out of sight?


Just when they turn wrong,

you realize they were never right.

Just when you open your mind,

everybody is already out of sight.

Nothing to lose

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Mera koi wajood nahi

Mujhe dhoond rahe ho kaha

Ghar bhi ab ghar nahi

Bas raste hai yahaan


Manzil ab door nahi

koi cheez ka darr nahi yahaan

mera koi wajood nahi

Mujhe dhoond rahe ho kaha?


July 3, 2013 § Leave a comment

So you know at the day’s end

When the leaves cripple and the night begins.


When the sun goes down, the people come pouring in…

the lobbies, buses, cars and trains.

Everyone comes rushing out

Out, to go into their homes again.


At the day’s end, when life’s past.

Back at school as at the start.

Finding ourselves seated in closed rooms.

Cabinating lives, forgetful wives.

Eye to eye.

Bounded lives.


I ask to be aware of the day’s end

When the leaves cripple

and the night starts to begin.

Eternal Episode

March 11, 2013 § Leave a comment


You know how this goes

In the wake of the dawn, my love rose

You struck the pointed end at it

But the rays of the sun got no pain

Unlike the flesh of the man with all blood drained


I moved across the crowed hall with all eyes on me.

Their questioning gaze fell again and again

On the beast inside me loving


It was a pity you found it a waste

You lost all love I offered then

My offer has died its natural death

Leaving you as you pleased

But remember even the beast felt

And the sun doesn’t extinguish easily.


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