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Sleep in the lap of nature
Lose yourself and build a dream
I’ll come and visit you sometime
Some other time when things are not what they seem

Sleep to the winter approaching
I’ll meet you in springs of yourself
When it’ll be a better today
And my better request

Let there be no regrets and sorries
No provision for your histories
When we’ll think better of ourselves
I’ll meet you at that sunset.



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April 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

I hate it when the reminders come and hit your face again and again and again. I wish to move on with my life. Is it so difficult to get that?!

I love experiencing new things. I love adventures. I love excitement and enthuse.

I hate clinging on. I hate monotony. I hate obsession for long.

I have a bad experience. I want to learn from it and move on. I hate these records of social interaction which stare at you at the face with their subtle show off or should i say obvious ones! Some people just can’t mind their own business and love poking their huge noses in other’s matters. Poor souls. Their lives’s mission becomes pumping gossip all around. They are the kind who create celebrities, giving them so much importance that they no longer remain ordinary.

We all start from the same place when we begin. You cannot predict anybody’s journey when they are standing on the first ring of the ladder. Even for those who’s starting point is way ahead, you can never tell about life you know! Wonder how you’ll fare when it is so full of unexpected things.

My friend was studying alone in Bangalore. A big city for a new person. One ordinary day when he was just walking down the street, he got attacked and mobbed! When he tried protesting, a whole action sequence with blood knife and cuts took place. That little unseen incidence could have costed him his life. A tiny rift and an end to all.

So learn. You have a bad day. Learn from it, and move on. Stop clinging on to your regrets and mistakes. Live each moment because you yourself don’t know how many you possess. Love the ones who love you back. Forget the ones who don’t, for they don’t deserve you. Value friendship and relationships because they help you sail through the tough times. Don’t bother about the social addicts. When your word goes around, you’ll know you are on your way to becoming a celebrity! 😉

The only person you are accountable is yourself. The only reason for you happiness is you. Love yourself, respect yourself and nurture the special one in you!! 🙂Image


March 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

I was tired of trying to fit in.. of finding more new friends. Tired of exploring. Have given up to an extent.

You bring me back to my real self. To the pure me without any griefs and regrets.

I’m tired of the journeys, I had made to unknown streets..

You brought me back home, on my own two feet.

Gave me love and care and that innocent stare. Reminded me that the world is not that unfair. We just gotta be happy with our own share.

I feel a sense of security with you. You give me strength to live it through.

I wonder what i would do without you.

Just don’t let that day ever come true.

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