Ocean of illusions

April 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

I walk about in borrowed robes

No home too close

No shore but sore

What is the peace that I have earned?

The beautiful sunset that just died

or the smiling lady by my side

The reality keeps poking my heart

For it’s the pay check slave that I must mark

I walk about in borrowed robes

on busy streets and empty shores

in posh cars and cracked souls

What is it to be sad?

The dollars lost or forgotten love

Both can be earned

But just one by one.

No satisfaction, the thirst never dies.

The world cries. The world cries.

I walk about in borrowed robes

Material matters I never earned

It’s the happiness which I borrowed from my peers

because they crib even in royal airs

The empty palaces n lonely cars

We all have got our scars.

The sea might look so magically blue

But beware, it’s all a farce.

It’s all a farce.



April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

After a long long wait, I finally see your face.

See you smiling through the blushing eyes

and I decide my fate.

We have got the contrasting choices

We were raised in different ways

But after I spoke to you today, I know that its only you who I wish for everyday.

A sense of satisfaction. An escape I got,

from the endless assumptions I had made.

Its only and only friendship I want, from the wake of tomorrow’s dawn.

I will wait.

Stick around for sometime to see my destiny at play.

Out of the box

November 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The other day i got the fortunate opportunity to meet the ‘real citizens’ of India and was genuinely pulled down to the ground and into some thinking.
We all are so lost into our own world that hardly does it occur to us that ours is not the only world that exists.

With the advent of all the technological advancements animating around us, we get the notion of a successful 21st century India. But do you know that there still exists villages where people haven’t got electricity since the last 300 hundread years….where purdah system is followed as a mark of rightful tradition..

They are the farmers, the ground workers, who fill our stomachs. They deserve our attention too. Not just of diplomatic, power hungry politicians. The aam aadmi is not only the middle class, office going guy, but also the 80 year old village lady whose fighting for her pension.

We need to talk to them. Not from the podium, but sitting among them on the ground. Only when the comfort levels are met, the trust will build up, a change in everyone’s attitude will be witnessed. I made attempt and believe me, it felt wonderful. Its their love you get, their respect and good wishes. As for yourself, its then that you truly make achievement out of your own life.

Small efforts lead to big satisfaction. May be someday some change too might follow and we start thinking out of the system and out of the box…

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